CoolSculpting Training

IAPAM_CoolSculpting_TrainingThe IAPAM now offers CoolSculpting® Training as part of its Medically Supervised Weight Loss training program for physicians and healthcare prescribers.

CoolSculpting® is a revolutionary non-surgical contouring treatment that freezes stubborn fat, which then is naturally eliminated from your body. No needles, no special diets, no supplements, no surgery. And most importantly, no downtime. Unlike most other methods of fat reduction, CoolSculpting® involves no needles, surgery, or downtime. Patients often spend procedure time reading, working on their laptops, or simply relaxing. It’s safe, FDA-cleared and effective. Results look natural and can be seen as early as three weeks following treatment, with the most dramatic results after one to three months.

The CoolSculpting® procedure is the only, non-invasive procedure that uses advanced cooling technology to gently and effectively target and eliminate fat in specific areas of a patient’s body through a proprietary technology called Cryolipolysis. This procedure involves no incisions and no anesthesia and reduces the fat layer without harming the skin or other tissues. CoolSculpting® is not technique dependent and requires no staff time once the patient is set up and the treatment is underway. It is designed for use in a medical office specializing in aesthetic procedures.


Top Reasons Physicians Add Body Sculpting to Their Practice:

  • Missing out on body contouring/sculpting patient demand
  • Looking for the next step after physician-directed weight loss program
  • Non-invasive option (no surgical experience needed)
  • Easy to add to an existing practice
  • Ability to delegate the procedures
  • Attracting new patients
  • To differentiate from other weight loss clinics

How It Works

With the CoolSculpting® Procedure, a specially designed cooling applicator is applied to the desired area of fat reduction to extract energy (cooling) from the underlying fat tissue without damage to other tissues. The applicator cup uses vacuum pressure to draw the tissue between the cooling panels. During the procedure, the applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling conditions that have been proven to target and eliminate fat cells in specific areas of the body. When fat cells are exposed to precise cooling, they trigger a process of natural removal that gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer.

What Are Physicians Saying?

“CoolSculpting® requires minimal time on my part, which ultimately increases the overall bottom line for my practice. After I assess the patient, my medical assistant helps me with the actual procedure, allowing me to see other patients.”

Elizabeth L. Tanzi, MD – Co-director,
Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery

Who Can Attend?

Medical practices, physicians MDs/DOs, PAs, NPs, NDs and their staff who are looking to add body sculpting/medical weight management to their existing medical practice, medical spa, or weight loss center.

Create a Total Body Transformation Program for your Practice

Part of a successful weight loss program includes a combination of a medically supervised weight loss diet program along with the combination of skin tightening (post weight loss patients) and body shaping (ie Cryolipolysis, RF energy, and/or Ultrasound energy).  The IAPAM has created a comprehensive weight loss program that combines these three modalities, giving your patients the results they want, and allowing you to generate substantial profits. We offer our program 7 times a year, and we will show you how only having 10 patients a month will give you revenues of $250,000+ per year.  Learn more about our medically supervised weight loss program.

For more detailed information on body sculpting, along with more information on providing the other core minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments to your patients, including Botox/Fillers and Laser procedures please attend the next hands-on CME Aesthetic Medicine Symposium!

Medical Weight Loss with CoolSculpting Registration:


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