Ketogenic Weight Loss Training

According to the CDC, 71.6% of adults are overweight or obese and the weight loss market is estimated to be $65 billion in the US, with 108 million Americans on a diet at any given time. The demand for an effective weight loss solution has never been greater, and the medically-supervised weight loss industry is now worth $7.8 billion. Without a doubt, now is the time to add this ketogenic weight loss training program into your practice!

We will cover how to provide the IAPAM’s Medically Supervised Ketogenic / Intermittent Fasting Clean Start Weight Loss® program to your patients, generating $10,000’s of extra practice revenue every year (and month in some cases).

PRICING Testimonials
ketogenic weight loss training program for physicians

We Help Physicians Add Profitable Weight Loss Programs to their Practice

Expected Revenues of Between $100,000-$900,000/year (10-80 patients/month).
Everything is included (training manual & all forms).
You are ready to see patients the Monday following training!

Our Clean Start Weight Loss program generated $31,303,117 revenues for physicians since January 2013.

Jeff Russell, Executive Director IAPAM

How to Add Ketogenic Medical Weight Loss or Start a Weight Loss Clinic

Dr. William FultonDr. William Fulton, MD

Ketogenic diet training
Clean Start Weight Loss Program

Learn the steps on how to incorporate medically supervised weight loss into an existing medical practice or start a weight loss clinic. If your patients are asking about the “keto” (ketogenic) diet and/or intermittent fasting (IF), this is a Must Attend training program!
  • Receive the internationally recognized IAPAM Certification in Medically Supervised Weight Loss available for physicians.
  • IAPAM Clean Start Weight Loss® Protocols, including:
    • Ketogenic Diets (ketosis-based weight loss protocol’s)
    • Intermittent Fasting Protocols for Weight Loss
    • How to create a Medically Supervised Keto / IF program in your practice
    • Medical Contraindications & Cautions
    • Lab requirements for medical weight loss programs
    • Patient selection criteria
    • Common patient questions, answers, and tips
    • Consent forms, medical history forms
    • Legal/Insurance considerations
    • Medication ordering information and special pricing
  • Using prescription appetite suppressants in weight loss (Phentermine, Qsymia, Contrave):
    • Patient selection criteria
    • Contraindications and Cautions
    • Lab requirements
    • Detailed written protocols
    • FDA status of each prescription drug
  • “Fat Burning” lipotropic injections (do they work?).
  • Utilizing B6/B12 injections in weight loss.
  • BHRT in Weight Loss.
  • Meal replacement diet programs.
  • Adding the next generation of non-invasive fat elimination (ie CoolSculpting, Vanquish) and Skin Tightening devices to meet patient demand.

Get Started Today with Clean Start® Ketogenic Medical Weight Loss!

We offer a complete ketogenic / IF Clean Start Weight Loss® program “Practice-in-a-box” – everything is done for you!



Can’t travel? Start today and get certified online with the IAPAM Online Learning Lab.

What Physicians are Saying

  • Dr. Hardy

    Dr. Hardy, MD

    “This course has been beyond my best expectations! The hands-on training has been outstanding.”

  • Dr. Jose

    Dr. Jose, MD

    “I’ve been certified in Medically Supervised Weight Loss and it’s been very successful as part of my practice!”

  • Dr. Bates

    Dr. Bates, MD

    “I’ve had huge success with IAPAM’s programs!”

  • Dr. Zgourides, MD

    “An exceptional value, especially given the comprehensive amount of information provided.”

  • Dr. Simon MD

    “The symposium was unbelievable. I feel that I am ready to open the Aesthetic part of my practice in a month or so.”

  • Dr. J. Pino, MD

    “This conference was very informative and interesting. I really enjoyed all the speakers..and will most likely come back to another one with my staff. Great. Great Conference. Thank you!”