RF Body Shaping & Contouring

IAPAM_Weight_Loss_TrainingThe IAPAM is pleased to add non-invasive body contouring with RF energy to its Medically Supervised Weight Loss program. This is a natural addition to a weight loss practice, since after losing weight, patients often request targeted fat removal.  Diet will not result in targeted fat loss, but utilizing non-invasive lipolysis like using RF energy certainly will!

RF has been demonstrated to provide tightening results on the skin. The combination of RF energy and vacuum, provides permanent destruction of unwanted fat cells. Recently cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), BodyFX provides long lasting results for an improved and smoother body contour through the use of clinically proven radio-frequency energy, providing tightening of the skin, while the combination of radio-frequency energy and vacuum allows for the permanent destruction of unwanted fat cells. The device also includes treatment that relieves minor muscle aches and pain and temporarily improvements blood circulation.

Why RF Energy?

  • Treatments target problematic fatty tissues for ideal body contouring.
  • Radio-Frequency provides precise and optimal heating of the skin for tightening and body shaping.
  • Vacuum Massage applies gentle pressure allowing for maximal depth treatment.
  • Re-heating of tissue reduces threshold for selective apoptosis of large fat cells for body reshaping.
  • Sophisticated tissue temperature and impedance monitoring achieves and maintains optimal treatment temperature end points.
  • Active temperature monitoring and control with cut-offs for unprecedented safety with reduced risk of thermal injury.



  • Superior non-invasive body contouring as an alternative approach to liposuction, or as an adjunct to liposuction.
  • Reduces circumferential dimensions.
  • Skin temperature feedback on operator handpiece provides immediate skin measurements to ensure a uniform treatment of the entire area.
  • Skin temperature cut-off to regulate skin temperature and provide an additional level of safety and comfort during treatment.
  • Ongoing clinical studies show improvements to smooth cellulite.
  • Ongoing clinical studies indicate no non-responders.
  • Targeted RF energy allows operators to treat areas that concern patients the most.
  • No patient downtime and minimal patient discomfort.

See the Results!

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