Past attendees of our weight management and Botox training include physicians, PA’s & NP’s from all medical specialties, including: Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anesthesiology, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Pain Management, Orthopaedic Surgery, Bariatrics, Oncology, Radiology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Psychiatry, and many more! Here is a small sampling of of physician Botox training testimonials:

Dr. HardyDr. Hardy, MD
“This course has been beyond my best expectations! The hands-on training has been outstanding.”


“An exceptional value, especially given the comprehensive amount of information provided.”
Dr. Zgourides, MD
Dr. JoseDr. Jose
“I’ve been certified in <medically supervised weight loss> and it’s been very successful as part of my practice!”
“The IAPAM conference is one of the most practical medical conferences I have attended. I appreciated the advice regarding setting up your own business and then more important, how to market your business. The written materials and DVD’s are an invaluable resource. The entire staff at IAPAM is professional and such a pleasure to work with. It is definitely money well spent.”
Dr. Silva


“The symposium was unbelievable. I feel that I am ready to open the Aesthetic part of my practice in a month or so.”
Dr. Simon MD
“The Symposium presented clinical training and common-sense business advice by knowledgeable and passionate instructors. I feel the education (lecture and hands-on time) was well worth the investment, but the extensive refresher materials provide invaluable continued reference.”
Dr. Wolfe

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Dr. Bates

Dr. Bates

“I’ve had huge success with IAPAM’s programs!”


“This conference was very informative and interesting. I really enjoyed all the speakers..and will most likely come back to another one with my staff. Great. Great Conference. Thank you!”
Dr. J. Pino, MD
“I liked the turnkey approach.”
K. Chin Quee, MD


“Very thorough review of <using hormones> for weight loss and how this might be integrated into a clinical practice. Was well worth it!”
W. Hudson, MD
“I would recommend this conference to anyone getting into aesthetics. Yes, [it was] very valuable.”
D. Lamoureux, NP