Reason #1 :

We are the only Aesthetic Medicine training program available that has three board certified cosmetic dermatologists on their teaching faculty (and we actually list them on our website!). Ensuring you learn from true experts of the skin.

Reason #2 :

Our cosmetic injectable (Xeomin®, Dysport®, Botox®) training is done in a clean medical spa or medical practice, not in a hotel room chair. Also included is a tour of a successful aesthetic practice, which will give you a first hand look on how to setup an aesthetic practice within a medical practice or start a standalone medical spa.

Reason #3:

We actually teach you everything you need to know to succeed. Our aesthetic medicine conference shows you exactly what you need to do in order to succeed in aesthetic medicine. We cover 4 aesthetic medicine practice areas: cosmetic injectables, laser/light, skin care (cosmeceuticals & chemical peels), along with the required business skills. Without knowledge of all 4 areas, you will not make any significant money in the aesthetic medicine industry.

Reason #4:

We provide both enduring and on-going practice support. It is very important that you have continuing support in order to be successful.

Reason #5:

As an IAPAM member you also get many benefits: monthly newsletter with the latest industry news, medmal insurance program, discounts for equipment (i.e. $25,000+ off lasers, discounts on microdermabrasion machines), EMR software discounts (Electronic Medical Record) and additional hands-on training programs (Advanced Botox® and Fillers).

Reason #6:

100% of our attendees would recommend this Symposium to their colleagues who are interested in aesthetic medicine!

The Aesthetic Medicine Symposium was designed with all the information you will need to immediately start offering the latest medical aesthetic procedures in your practice. This is the most complete aesthetic medicine training program available.

We are now in our 14th year, with all of our Symposiums since 2006 being sold out.

We will do this by:

  • Ensuring you have hands-on training time, you will have an opportunity to perform most of the procedures.
  • Sharing the latest aesthetic medicine / medical spa industry information.
  • Allowing you to use the latest technologies and showing you how they can be incorporated into your aesthetic medicine practice.
  • Teaching you proven strategies of increasing your Aesthetic Medicine practice revenues by leading industry experts who have real-life experience. We will focus on performing the most profitable procedures.
  • Teaching you how to confidently match the right procedure to the right patient.
  • Giving you the opportunity to learn from the leading Aesthetic Medicine clinical and business experts.
  • Providing Botulinum Toxin (Xeomin®, Dysport®, Botox®) training – more information
  • Educating you on performing the most profitable medical aesthetic procedures.
  • Showing you how to focus on your strength of being a medical professional, and how to successfully compete against non-physician run medical spas.
  • Teaching you how to hire the right staff to perform these procedures. The key is having the right staff in place who are confident on how to perform the procedures, get referrals, cross-sell and up-sell procedures.
  • Giving you the latest cosmetic laser training
  • Showing you cost-effective marketing techniques to increase your Aesthetic Medicine procedure revenues. We’ll cover the pros and cons of direct mail, print, TV, radio, websites and social media.

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What Physicians are Saying

  • Dr. Jose

    Dr. Jose, MD

    “I’ve been certified in Medically Supervised Weight Loss and it’s been very successful as part of my practice!”

  • Dr. Hardy

    Dr. Hardy, MD

    “This course has been beyond my best expectations! The hands-on training has been outstanding.”

  • Dr. Bates

    Dr. Bates, MD

    “I’ve had huge success with IAPAM’s programs!”

  • Dr. Zgourides, MD

    “An exceptional value, especially given the comprehensive amount of information provided.”

  • Dr. Simon MD

    “The symposium was unbelievable. I feel that I am ready to open the Aesthetic part of my practice in a month or so.”

  • Dr. J. Pino, MD

    “This conference was very informative and interesting. I really enjoyed all the speakers..and will most likely come back to another one with my staff. Great. Great Conference. Thank you!”